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  1. Fiona Dawson says: Reply

    They are looking fantastic. We have had wolfhounds for nearly 30 years and it is hard to find sculptures of them

    1. Martin says: Reply

      Thank you Fiona.

  2. Linda Gilmour says: Reply

    How much in US currency for one standing or sitting ( do you have two sitting ? What are the measurements? I asked about shipping to US Missouri 64506 zip code.

    1. Martin says: Reply

      Linda I shall find out for you on transport costs, at the moment two are spoken for, just waiting on reply, they are slow to make as the weather gets cooler, I will be making some wire frames over the colder months and will do more large pieces next year, the three standing one’s are on the shop page, the size would be similar to life size, thanks.

      1. Linda Gilmour says: Reply

        I would be interested in one standing. Please let me know about price in $ US currency and shipping costs. Thank you so much

        1. Martin says: Reply

          Linda, The cost of the sculpt would be at today rate $1491.00. the cost of shipping would work out between $1790.00-$2386.00, that’s a rough price on the cargo costs, The small sculpt could go through post, the cost of Family Ties would work out at $209.00 and the parcel post would be $60.00. Regards Martin

    2. Martin says: Reply

      Got a rough guide price for transport, as it depends on lots of variables, the costing would be between €1,500.00 -€2,000.00. I will be back to sculpting small pieces shortly, as soon as I get my two horse sculpts finished. Regards M

  3. Janie C Keary says: Reply

    Your work is stunning, Martin! You really do have a great eye and a great talent! Thank you for showing us these pieces! Best wishes – Janie

    1. Martin says: Reply

      Thanks Janie.

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